NewFind The Peace II Contemporary Metal Art Decor Abstract Wall Sculpture
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NewAbstract Metal Wall Art Modern Home Decor Contemporary Wall Sculpture
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NewAbstract Metal Wall Art Moon Light Justin Strom Forest Trees Modern Home Decor
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NewArtist Wood Tabletop Portable Desk Easel with Storage Drawer - Painting, Art
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Antique Reverse Painting Castle Morro,Havana Cuba and The USS Maine 26x30
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Antique Portrait Painting Lot 269
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Antique Civil War Oil Painting Union Soldier & Horse
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Antique American Landscape Oil Painting 1890's Signed
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My Friends Andy, Steve and Bianca Just Hanging Out An fine artist, noted film director and a model who's married to a rock star just hang out and talk about stuff... ... warhol ...

Warhol Jagger News

At home with Tommy Hilfiger: dogs, kids, Warhol on the wall
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - Dec 6, 2008
alarm clock that Mick Jagger gave me for Christmas two years ago." ● One thing on your living room wall: "An Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe silk-screen.

Good Night Mr. Lewis: The Immortal Carmen D’Alessio
BlackBook Magazine, NY - Dec 10, 2008
You have an Andy Warhol piece over here, which is addressed to you, a picture of you and Mick Jagger over there, and even Richard Bernstein.

Good Night Mr. Lewis: Carmen D’Alessio’s Fabulous Life
BlackBook Magazine, NY - Dec 11, 2008
This was illustrated in Any Warhol’s Exposures. It says, “Carmen brought, hand in hand, Ian and Steve to the big Apple.” I’ve met Andy a handful of times,

'Warhol Live' favours sensation over substance
Toronto Star,  Canada - Nov 22, 2008
1963) and multiples of Mick Jagger's pouty lips – will likely prove to be hot stuff for art-seeking crowds. But "Warhol Live" is a cheap hit,

High Art & Mass Production
The South African, UK - Nov 18, 2008
The Hayward’s Andy Warhol: Other Voices, Other Rooms shows the artist straddling the borders between high art and mass production, advertising and